Use STS on the go from anywhere. Access your radio station’s playlist. Check how your song is doing at radio. 


STS Features

Airplay Tracking

Real time 24/7 radio airplay tracking


There is NO FEE to gain reporting status for your radio station . .EVER!

Radio News & Updates

Stay up to date with radio news and industry updates. 


Integrated with AirplayAccess

Free servicing on hot new releases via AirplayAccess. Integrated within the STS system for quick and easy access to the newest music releases at radio now.

Weekly charts!

Access to the Advanced Chart Data. See what is hot and what is not, helping you make better decision on what your listeners want to hear. 

Spins Tracking System



Great Exposure

Most radio airplay charts in the music industry.

The service, which is a subsidiary of Backstage Entertainment Group, LLC, provides chart data in the United States. Since 1999 STS, through STS partnerships, has provided radio airplay charts and related data for over 22 formats.

Become A Reporting Station

Join the panel of radio industry reporting stations. Increase your service. Get visibility your radio station needs. Impacting the national and international charts.

There is NO FEE to gain reporting status for your radio station!

Subscribe: 24/7 Radio Tracking

Stay on top of your music releases at radio with 24/7 radio airplay tracking and advanced chart data. 

Service Your Music To Radio

STS has partnered with the radio industry leading digital music service, AirplayAccess, to provide music to radio stations everywhere. A seamless integration of AirplayAccess into the reporting stations makes this feature easy, fast and secure. 

AirplayAccess Integrated

Service your music to radio programmers digitally. AirplayAccess is integrated into the STS system for more exposure to your music. 

24/7 Radio Airplay Tracking

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